It is sad to see people suffering and dying of breast cancer when it can be self-checked and early treated and cured.

The women are more exposed, but the men as well. If early detected before spread in body (called metastases), it is completely cured. When i was thinking how to develop a mobile phone app for helping early detection, i found this app very useful. I was thinking develop a mobile phone app providing a way to schedule regular and reminder system. Fortunately, i discovered this free app (Check Yourself!) at Play Google. It is as well at Apple store. I advise we (both woman and man) use it for monthly palpation of our breast per the app example. It is easy and it can help preventing 14 millions of breast cancers. I advise as well to upload "Breast Cancer AWARENESS App), free Google Play app or "" for breast cancer information. There are many mobile phone apps and websites for breast cancer information, please consult it as much as possible. NB: Please translate this message in your language and share it as much as possible.

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